2018 Internship Request Form

To request interns for the Summer 2018 Work Experience program please complete the form below.  In addition to completing this form, your organization will also have to submit a signed contract.

Please note that placement of the eligible young adults is done by CCL staff through an assessment of their interests, skills, prior work history and completion of the “Tell Us About Yourself Survey”. Young adults also go through an interview process where they speak about future goals and what makes them a good candidate for this program. We do our best to accommodate internship requests, however, this is not always possible. Completing this form does not guarantee that you will receive summer interns.

Form Process:

  1. Organization Information
  2. Work Site Information
  3. Work Site Supervisors
  4. Job Positions  (up to 4 Job Titles)
  5. Submit Your Request

If you have more than four different job positions, you will have to submit a additional copy of this form.  If you do not click “Submit” on the final page, we will not receive your request. If you have any questions or technical issues, please contact Tim at (978) 805-4811 or timothy.oconnor@cclowell.org.

To schedule your supervisors for their mandatory orientation, please click here.