Career Ready 101 Orientation

Career Ready 101 is a self-directed online curriculum used to help individuals master the work readiness skills they need to be successful in a changing workplace. This online learning system includes courses in career awareness and exploration, career preparation, job search, career success skills, financial awareness and the foundational work skills measured by the ACT WorkKeys® job skills assessment system.

This orientation will register customers and demonstrate how to access Career Ready 101.

Features of Career Ready 101

  • Multiple course areas: Financial Literacy, Career Exploration, Resume Writing, Interest Inventories, Applied Mathmatics, Reading for Information, Applied Technology, Workplace Observation, Teamwork.
  • Soft Skills: Work Habits, Communication Skills, Workplace Effectiveness, Business Etiquette, Job Search Techniques.
  • Pre-test and post-test to track progression of lesson areas.
  • Introduction to the Workkeys job skills assessment and the pathway to achieving the National Career Readiness Certificate.

Who Should Use CR101?

  • Customers needing skill development in Reading and Math.
  • Customers interested in workplace skills, financial literacy, soft skills development, interest inventories and career exploration.
  • Customers preparing for the National Career Readiness Certificate.




  • Must provide an email address prior to attending Career Ready 101 orientation.
  • Must have basic computer skills and the ability to navigate an online learning platform.
  • Must have access to an internet-ready computer or the ability to access such a computer.