Connecting for Your Next Job

2 Hours

Networking has proven to be the most successful method to use in the job search, and if used alone it yields a 60% success rate (Department of Labor).

Topics to be covered include:

  • Learn about the Hidden Job Market and how networking allows you to penetrate it.
  • Just do it. This attitude is essential in successful networking.
  • You’ll learn about the proper way to network, when and where to network.
  • What are some common myths about networking. We’ll look at 15 of them.
  • You’ll take a networking IQ quiz to give you a better idea of your networking comfort zone.

Networking is about building and enhancing relationships with people. It is about sharing information, insights, personal and professional development. Effective networking is about “paying it forward” and “giving to get,” not begging for anyone and everyone you know to help you get a job. It is key to your job hunt to build your network on an ongoing basis, and to be viewed as a resource rather than a leech. When you go about networking this way, people will be more than willing to lend a hand to you in numerous ways, including introducing you to others who can add value for your job-hunt. – Arnie Fertig, US News & World Report