Job Search Letters

~2.5 hours

The approach letter is part of your networking campaign. No job is advertised, but you want to penetrate the hidden job market.

Topics include:

  • Elements of an effective Approach Letter
  • Tag lines that hook the reader
  • The importance of researching companies for whom you’d like to work

Every résumé should be accompanied by a cover letter; and you should send a thank-you/follow-up letter to the employer after every interview.

Topics include:

  • The elements of effective cover letters and follow-up letters
  • Letter guidelines
  • What makes a follow-up letter a clincher

“Imagine spending your life reading resumes. It’s hell and it is what a recruiter does all day everyday. Your eyes are red and stinging, and the computer screen swims before you. You’ve promised yourself you’ll suffer through just one more resume, but it’s so badly written and ungrammatical that your head begins to ache when you read that this idiot has, “Superior comuniccation skills.” With a groan, you throw the resume in the garbage and reach for just one more…” – Martin Yate, The Importance of Communication Skills in the Job Search.