Résumé Peer Review

Writing a résumé is an ongoing process. To get a résumé to be the presentation that you’d like it to be takes time, trial and error and  – most important of all – a fresh perspective. It is quite common to have errors on your résumé, perhaps in spelling or grammar, because you’ve been looking at the document for too long. You need a fresh set of eyes.

In this workshop, each attendee will submit a copy of their résumé to be viewed, evaluated and critiqued in a group setting by other participants.

In the end, everyone will leave with valuable feedback that they can use to improve their current résumé.

The objective of this workshop is to assist customer in getting critical feedback on their résumé.


  1. Customers must submit a copy of their resume at the time of registration.
  2. Customers must have a completed resume.
  3. Customers must be willing to allow others to review their resume for feedback.